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Why Men Should Not Be Ordained

This list has been doing the rounds on the internet at least since 2005. But in case you’ve missed it, here are the top ten reasons why men should not be ordained as ministers. This insightful, and satirical, list was compiled by the late Dr David M. Scholer, a former...

Posted at 09:29am on 4th November 2022

Uk, Us, U-name It Governments Need The Cowshed Revolution

Globalised capitalism has been removed from the moral framework in which it began. The current crises are a warning signal. They are a call to everyone - the haves and the have nots - to participate in 'The Cowshed Revolution' which seeks to enlist billions of Downwardly Mobile...

Posted at 17:08pm on 26th October 2022

The Role Of Music In New Monasticism

Amanda Haste is writing a book about the role of music in neo-monastic communities to be published by Routledge next year. I replied to her queries about The Community of Aidan and Hilda on the following lines:

The Community of Aidan and Hilda seeks to weave together the God-given...

Posted at 11:07am on 18th October 2022

The Common Good

As regards UK, not in our history have we had the death of such an unselfish monarch as the late Queen Elizabeth. Not since World War 2 have we had such a war in Europe. Not in a century have we had government economics set to make the richest 1%...

Posted at 12:57pm on 2nd October 2022

Churches In Terminal Decline? A New Movement......

I am informed that national UK church leaders report that under forties in all religions don't want to take responsibilities within a particular local faith community - the internet world is their parish. So the top leaders strategy is to turn clergy into skilled managers - they undertake the...

Posted at 10:29am on 28th September 2022

B&b For God

Our friend Andy Raine asked me 'Could you give God B & B this week-end?' I replied 'Well, Celtic Christians are supposed to see the face of Christ in every stranger at the door so, although this week has seen - following the funeral of the good queen of...

Posted at 09:38am on 23rd September 2022



This week I joined the crowds in Edinburgh's Royal Mile, I waved in thanks to the late Queen Elizabeth (Scotland's 1st) for her 70 years of gracious service as her hearse approached St. Giles Cathedral, and I clapped King Charles 3rd as he left the...

Posted at 17:33pm on 17th September 2022

The Royal Way

The Queen, working selflessly until two days before her death, is risen. She calls us to walk the royal path of humble service, to foster a world-wide commonwealth of peoples, to be renewed through the living springs of faith, to be prejudice free, to speak wisely mindful of others, to...

Posted at 09:49am on 9th September 2022

From The Tay To The Thames, Iceland And Australia!

Twelve people joined in the Aidan and Hilda Week retreat on Holy Island which ended on Saturday. I slept in the spare room at The Whitehouse.

Scott Brennan has recorded the talks on the Saints from the Tay to the Thames and pasted the link on his Facebook. There were 80...

Posted at 13:54pm on 4th September 2022

When We Are Tested

This week my wifi has broken down, I have been to hospital for tests, and my doctor wants to check whether I have cancer of the kidneys.

In old age many people lose faculties, loved ones or earthly securities. Many younger people lose limbs, jobs, family members or homelands. Now...

Posted at 10:52am on 22nd August 2022
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