Parliament Reception For Palestinian Aid: A Ca&h House In Bethlehem?

On Wednesday I was a guest at a cross-party reception at Edinburgh's Parliament for Medical Aid for Palestinians. A doctor told us how large numbers of the injured in Gaza are still untreated, and how health services are at breaking point.  The health of so many is worsening that, if major action is not taken, the population will disappear as in a genocide. MAP is a non-political charity which works for the health and well-being of Palestinians in occupied territories and refugee camps.

I met a Church of Scotland minister, Rev Peter MacDonald, Chair of Hadeel/Palcrafts,  who helps to run the Fairtrade Hadeel Shop, 123 George Street, Edinburgh,  a Charity which sells ethnic crafts made by Palestinians. This is well worth a visit.

I was reminded of our Founding Vision the previous Sunday when I had lunch with fellow CA&H founders Michael Mitton and Russ Parker on Holy Island.   We co-ordinated our memories of the Community's founding which will be  a quarter of a century ago next year, and refreshed our spirits with  the key brushstrokes of God in it all. God is calling us to re-focus on our roots in order that undreamed of fruits may multiply in our midst and in new places.  

Why could these new places not include Bethlehem? The Community of Aidan and Hilda tries to model little 'Bethlehems of Hospitality' all over the world, and to encourage Community Houses.  Why don't we open a Community House in Bethlehem?  All it needs is one generous donor, and one or two people in vows who serve it long-term or for three-month periods in rotation.

Pray for this.

Posted at 10:12am on 14th September 2018
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