Pearls From The Sally Army

I bumped into my mate from the Sally Army  in his buggy with his dog. He has multiple health problems. 'How are you?' I asked. 'Well, I can still wiggle my fingers' he replied. I don't have anything like his problems but I have a few, and I shared one of them. 'You can't have flip without flop' he said, 'that's a law of the universe. There's nothing we humans aren't spared. Think of those poor, innocent Syrians. It's all in the Bible. They suffered as badly.'

'One thing I know', I said, is that if we listen to God He speaks to us'. 'One thing I know', he said, 'is that when  I start praising God a bit of heaven opens up, because we are in communion'.

We talked about dying. 'Billy Graham died this week.aged 99. He said that he believed an angel would accompany him from earth to heaven, so why should he  fret about it?'

Our screens had reminders of Billy Graham filling Wembley and other large stadiums (in UK) in the late fifties. No evangelist since has gained the attention of so many people, and of Presidents and the Queen.   It's time that changed.

Posted at 07:08am on 24th February 2018
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