Perish Or Rise To The Challenge

I have had flu. 

Dawn Martindale, my secretarial assistant can no longer travel here monthly. 

My computer was hacked. I did not send out a request for anyone to send me money.  I have purchased a new computer.  Making everything work is very difficult.  Please pray that some younger (i.e. IT versatile) person may offer to help me as an IT/secretarial/disciple/embryo carer.

There are so many opportunities.

The times are urgent. Money-fuelled algorithms destroy decency and democracy. Corrupt governments get away without ethical accountability.

The Energy Charter Treaty is like an evil Beast. It enables the huge international fossil-fuel polluters to sue governments for environmentally friendly actions that lessen their profits.  That's why all the COP summits have in this respsect failed.

That is why our Way of Life must spread across the continents fast,  Otherwise the world as we know it and half its population will perish.

Pleasse pray.  Please act.



Posted at 10:46am on 1st December 2022
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