Podcasts - A Life-time's Highlights

An Orthodox church liturgy is now celebrated monthly in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, to which young people from Edinburgh and Newcastle come. Afterwards I accompanied  them to lunch in the rowing clubhouse. There I met John and his sister, whose family have recently moved into the area. John had left uni with an IT qualification, but hopes to emigrate to Cyprus when visas etc are eventually sorted, so he has no long-term job in UK. He agreed to be my IT assistant for one day each week.  Since I have had no secretary for half a year and old age defeats mastery of  non-routine IT programmes I shouted Glory to the All-Merciful One!

Last month I had a list of about thirty things where I had got stuck.  John - sometimes through trial and error - unstuck them all!  This week I was determined to finish the podcasts that give highlights of my life in my own words - reflecting the chapters in my autobiography Monk-in-the-Marketplace.

Anchor recordings/Spotify require us to type in a main heading and a brief description. The naughty boy in me, since Prince Harry's book has currently sold one million copies, wrote this description of the podcast on The Simpsons: 'Hope for Prince Harry and King Edward 7''s bastard descendants'

Mercy, Lord, Mercy, Lord, have mercy Lord.

 The main headings are:

1. Offspring From a War-Time Womb






2. Born Again: An Amazing "Coincidence"

3. Recovering the Lost Art of Listening

4. A Village of God

5. A World-Transforming New Monastic Community



6. Lindisfarne - A Holy Island?

7. Life as an author

8. God-Guided Nations Can Make the Earth Sing!

9. Most Memorable Pilgrimages

10. The Simpsons

11. Borderlands



Go to Media/Podcasts on this web site and click.

























Posted at 09:59am on 13th January 2023
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