A Pot Of Gold For Christmas

This week I am woozy, but I have received new spectacles, a new water tank, newly syringed ears and a visa ready for my trip to Australia.

I sent all my Christmas greetings by email this year, except that I delivered real Christmas cards to island residents. This helps me to simply celebrate Christmas. My TV News tell me that millions of UK citizens who are already in debt will borrow more money to buy Christmas treats. They will have to repay £1.60 for every £1.0 they borrow and will live 2014 under shadow and stress. As if in answer to this, the favourite card I have from an island resident is from Dorothy. It has a photo of a bright rainbow shooting from the top of Lindisfarne Castle. Inside it says 'We need no Pot of God! We are privileged to live in this wonderful place.'

Two groups of people occupy my thoughts: Heretical Moslems who think they can enthrone God in the world by killing soldiers of imperial powers, and Middle East Christians who are having to flee their homelands. In my prayers thoughts come as to what my Christmas message is to Moslem friends. I think it would be good to put these on to a card and distribute it:

'Moslems and Christians are brothers and sisters. We pray for a world community of justice. Moslems call this Ummah. Jesus asked us to prayer 'Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven'.

The Qu'ran and the Bible teach that Jesus, our prophet, whose birth we celebrate, is unique in three ways. He was born of a virgin. All will see him when he returns as the prophet of the resurrection. He is the only human being without sin.

Let us invite him to tell us more about himself and how he wants us to live.'

Posted at 07:43am on 21st December 2013
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