I jogged in Edinburgh's Holyrood Park, which had just become snow-free. So I thought. Packed ice on a climbing footpath sent me bang on my back, and up with a damaged wrist. Berwick Infirmary put it in a sling. It proved not to be broken.

Two teeth extracted three days later. Let's light that wood fire and relax by it as I watch Dragons Den. But we have much to prepare for our annual members Houseparty next week. I have to prepare a power point presentation on the planet's eco crisis and our Way of Life. I study books by Al Gore, James Lovelock, Alastair McIntosh, and trawl eco web sites and the Pope's New Year Message on Ecology and the Human Crisis.

Not to mention checking the proofs of a fresh edition of THE JOY OF SPIRITUAL FITNESS. We have no vicar in our parish church. I daily share in the 7.30 am, 8.0 am and 5.30 pm church services and in the 12.00 noon and 9.0 pm services in our chapel.

In the office Naomi reminds me I need to write an annual report of things achieved last year and goals for this year, to go out with our February magazines and renewal forms. At a deeper level I think night and day about the leadership. There is much work to prepare the way for wider, more creative forms of leadership to emerge. I write a twenty four section reflection on the Role of a Guardian and email this to twelve concerned people.

Naomi, my PA, helps to plan my visit to Canada next May. Fresh invitations have come since the first plans were made. We re-schedule flights and I will stay on three more days. Graham will take my place at the Edinburgh conference to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1910 Edinburgh Confernece to Evangelise the World in One Generation.

< I need an intern, rather like those volunteers who help MP's and learn inside knowledge of the ways of Parliament. We need sponsorship and candidates to volunteer. I look forward to hearing from you....

Posted at 12:27pm on 22nd January 2010
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