Pre-heaven Rays What's Up Group

Someone who is a super, forward-thinking  manager suggested I set up an end of life care what's app group.  OK. Key locks with code, stool in the shower, stair lift , red button round neck for emergencies, lists of insurers etc etc …  you name it.

But only half do What's App.  So I set up a group email. 

Then  someone disapproved of the term 'end of life'.  'Mr. Sunshine' group then someone else suggested? 'Pre-Heaven Rays' care group was my answer.  

Then I penned the following thoughts:


Aches and immobility increase. Memory and energy decrease. Yet Psalm 92:14 claims that the godly will bear fruit even in old age. So focus on the fruit more than the loss. God has built into the body an ability to renew itself. So don’t over medicate. We may feel we are going down hill but remember that the last direction is up.

Each day we can: replace a vice with a virtue; promise to do something; share an inspired thought.

Oh and do exercises like those 96 year old Japanese and write the next book and meet wonderful people in the Prayer Room on Holy Island

Heaven on earth. Your kingdom come this second.'


Then I listened to readings in church about the last week in Jesus' life. Jesus set up an end of life What's App Care Group. Sort of. It comprised about sixteen people, though one fell away. And it was two-way. Two sisters and a brother at Bethany cared for him before his approaching death - one by cooking, one by listening, and one by dying and allowing Jesus to raise him from the dead! Then twelve friends and his mum shared a Last Supper. But even though he would soon be sleepless and dead, he washed their dusty feet, and transformed the bread we eat through our earthly lives into eternal food.

Now whether you call it end of life or pre-heaven I call that a right royal What's Up Group.

Posted at 11:01am on 30th March 2023
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