Purity And Internet Publicists

When I reached maturity I joined The Society of Authors.  A risky business for someone vowed to simplicity and purity.  I now receive 'The Author' magazine. Much of it is about how to promote a book, complain about unfair treatment, get on the literary festivals circuit,  or dominate the internet. So an Endpaper by Terence Blacker,  also known as Twitter@#writersrules, was a breath of fresh air.

The article starts, true to form with  sentences like 'Authors are having to work for nothing, or not at all. A mean-spirited government is reducing the microscopic amount we receive from libraries and copying...'.  However, Terence then suggests we make a bonfire of the trivialities such as internet endorsements, reviews  and dinner parties, and downsize. 'The truly pure in spirit' he continues 'will continue their professional spring cleaning by removing from their lives any activity undertaken only for reasons of publicity.... The very things that embarass us -tatty clothes, a tendency to express impolitic opinions, a general vagueness about management or the new media -are what earn us respect within the book industry. We are authors, not would-be entrepeneurs or fame-hungry competitors in a TV reality show. Without these trivial concerns buzzing around your head, you will be left with a clutter-free life of direction and clarity...'

It is still the season of Lent when we are supposed not to add things to our lives. But today I have added one Tweeter to those I follow: Twitter#writers rules.

Posted at 05:44am on 21st March 2012
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