Questions At Book Launch

Some fascinating questions were asked at the launch of 'Monk in  the Marketplace and the Simpsons' attended by over sixty people.

Watch it on Youtube . If you have read my autobiography please send  in an Amazon review because it is then given a higher public profile.  If you would like to give a signed  copy as a gift email <>  with your order and address and I will send you details of how to pay. in UK and in other countries.

 One question was whether new monasticism is for pagans and devotees of Cosmic Consciousness who dislike the particularities and judgements of monotheist religions. My answer is that everyone in the world is welcome to explore the Way of Life if they are open to the light they know. I invite them to ask themselves this question: Is Cosmic Consciousness impersonal or personal?  The extra-ordinary discovery, confirmed by endless experiments, that the Cosmic Life Force became a human being (John's Gospel 1:14) and that we can uniquely relate to the Life Force as a Person, is the animating, transforming, forgiving  Presence that alone can enable us to turn ideals into practice.

A second question was 'Why do you love Ireland?'  Reflecting on this, my answer is that I love the Green Isle  because  of its hospitality, its humour, and its holistic approach that does snot divide sacred from secular. I realise that it has been beaten down by the brutal British, betrayed by its Roman Catholic Church, and cheapened by materialism.  However, its future lies in its forgivng heart.  That is why I am drafting a book 'Re-Imagining Britain and Ireland'. Is anyone out there interested?  This concludes with these proposals for the British Monarchy and the Irish Presidency:

The Monarchy and Irish Reconciliation

The wonderful apology on 18 May 2011 by Queen Elizabeth, dressed in green and spoken in part in Gaelic as she stood in Dublin Garden of Remembrance, opened the door to a new era of forgiveness and partnerships. The Monarchy and the President of the Republic of Ireland should espouse joint charitable enterprises. For example:

 a) an annual meeting and a Joint Award for Cross-Country Achievement;  

b) The Prince’s Trust offers twelve Ireland placements each year;

c) A Prince’s and President’s Charitable Trust pursues cultural, educational, environmental, sporting, faith and trade partnerships (one of Prince William’s descendants was Irish and a supporter of Catholic Emancipation. Following their first visit to Ireland William and Kate said they hoped their links would grow);

d) A residence on one of the royal estates should be offered to Presidents of Ireland for holidays.

e) The town of Killaloe invites the future Queen Kate to become Honorary Queen of Killaloe, the town of her ancestor Brian Boru, for one week each summer.

f) Representatives from the Republic’s two parliaments, faith communities, Northern Ireland’s devolved government and representatives of the UK royal family and the Irish President should plan a Commemoration Service each July 13.

g) A Republic of Ireland – Commonwealth working party should be established to identify stumbling-blocks to Ireland’s membership and to make recommendations to the Commonwealth to replace imperial hallmarks with multi-racial hallmarks of its fellowship of equality.

If you live in other continents, spend an hour of creative thinking as to how your neaighbouring countries can become reconciled and creative partners.



Posted at 09:34am on 30th April 2021
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