Some 'expert' on TV announced that the new old age is between 85 and 95. 'Great', I thought to myself, 'I might miss it'.

Another TV programme showed us how to lose weight and be fit  without leaving home. I'm trying it out. New energy pours in and new inspiration pours out. I can barely keep up with it. On learning that Enoch, who died aged 375, and Elijah, were walking with God when they died I determined to keep stepping out. So I am re-imagining old age.

At last I have completed 40 months of emails on the Pilgrimage for Life. This speaks to the generation that is stirred by Jordon Peterson's much heralded book 12 Rules for Life.  Those who have enrolledto receive the emails  have got to the fifth month. If you enrol now on you will receive the first email now. 

This has released me, at long last, to write up years of material that has accumulated on my computer seeking to re-imagine Britain and Ireland's future with the eyes of God and with inspiration from our shared spiritual wels-springs.

Yesterday Judith and and I worked and prayed at the library on Holy Island, re-imagining how this library could be a resource in fresh ways.

Someone dropped in, wanting to talk about a dream in which God showed her she should work for Christ but be anonymous. Her partner enthused  about the dream with which my book Church of the Isles opens.  So many creative leads had come out of that, he said, and he had shared it with all kinds of people. This is about re-imagining churches as villages of God.

Posted at 11:36am on 17th February 2018
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