Replacement Theory Or Obedience To God In Every Human Being?

The mass shooting of people in the beautiful black community at East Buffalo, USA was perpetrated by a man who believes in the Replacement ideology. This means, in the words of Austria's President Orban, that 'white Christian children' (in Europe and USA) 'are being replaced by immigrants', who are therefore unwelcome. President Orban is the star speaker at this week's America's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Other speakers will include Britain's Nigel Farage and several US Republican members of Congress. Fox News TV talkshow host Tucker Carlson has promoted this theory in over 400 of his shows, according to the New York Times.  Security authorities in UK recently revealed that 'far right' believers in the Replacement ideology are a much greater security threat than Islamist terrorists, This ideology attracts many who feel inadequate or left out.

How should we (especially those who follow the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life) respond?

We might point out that Jesus was not white and that most of the early Christians were of Middle East or African origin (Saint Augustine was an African bishop). But that is not enough.  These 'far right' ideologues fear that we shall lose something precious; they may inchoately sense that civilisation was built on Christian values.

It was. The Ten Commandments led to law courts where the least in the land could get justice, and where everyone had the right to a plot of land and remuneration for employment.

Our Way of life pledges us to obey that which is of God in every human being.  This means that we will resist new tides where 'anything goes'.  But this Christian civilisation is not rooted in racism, it is rooted in the revolution that Jesus called 'the kingdom of God'. In this God-led civilisation there is accountability, but every one is a royal soul. We share this wonderful reality with  long-time residents for whom this has become rusty, and with new arrivals for whom it is foreign.

Transformation, not terrorism, is the way forward.

How may we go about this?  Read my Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream (Wipf & Stock)


Posted at 11:43am on 18th May 2022
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