Rescue Our Songs From The Debris

The Ireland tour had two great climaxes. On my last day in The Republic my daily prayer tweet was: Today let us rescue your song in our hearts from the debris and sing it with all our being #HornerKerkmanSongArtistsGoreyIreland. My musical hosts then took me to their Methodist Church in Gorey, where a fifty strong Welsh male voice choir sang their hearts out. I got the message.

On the car journey home I listened to the beautiful CD's of Martina Lehane Sheehan, a psycho-therapist, spiritual director and author. My sister and I met her in a hotel in Cork (we could only afford the starters!). Martina and her husband Pat are establishing a small retreat house where they wish to live a rhythm of prayer. She had been reading my book 'A Pilgrim Way: new celtic monasticism for everyday people' and felt thrilled that there was a dispersed community already living out everything she was buzzing with. I hope this is the start of an on-going journey with God together. Her most well-known book is 'Waiting in Mindful Hope: Wisdom for times of Transition'.

The inspiring way people of all ages and faiths have supported one another in Manchester following the hate bombing has warmed us all.

Yesterday I joined a seminar led by Mark Tanner, Bishop of Berwick, on 'An Apologetic for our Time'. In an internet age, when, typically, younger people check out on their latest I-phone at least twice each night what others think of them, how do we 'plug in' in a way that brings transformation? Identity affirmation and the fun challenge of internet fasting are two approaches. We come back to that tweet: rescue the song of who we are from the debris of social media.

Posted at 23:14pm on 26th May 2017
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