Rhythm In The Big City

Over one hundred adults and children from London's Christ Church, Highbury gather in the sunbathed green of High Leigh Centre, Herts. These bankers, solicitors and media people are six months into a year exploring a Way of Life. They have come to clarify, question and clinch waymarks. Some witness to new habits they have already put in place. A married couple have banned blackberries from their bedroom. Another uses travel time on the underground to pray. Some say they are too busy to create fresh spaces for God. 'Then savour each moment, smell the roses' a friend suggests.

Others ask questions. After my talk on Blessed Simplicity a banker said: 'I have ambition. This should be rewarded. How can I reconcile that with Simplicity?' We consider biblical (e.g. Abraham) and contemporary God-honourers who have become prosperous, the difference between channelling money in the cause of well-being and channelling it in the cause of short-time greed, the value of transparency and generosity.

Groups discussed things like How to recover godly rhythm when you can't say no to requests to do things, and how those who are doers, not contemplatives, can do things 'in the Spirit'.

The children gave a brilliant show. An awareness is emerging that people of different temperament and theology can be true to themselves and to each other if they allow God to weave different strands into a Spirit-woven tapestry.

In September Graham and Ruth Booth will teach on creation and how to foster the art of soul friendship. Watch this space.

Posted at 12:34pm on 6th July 2013
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