Pope Francis calls on the European Union to bring its institutions back into touch with the people. I tweet 'Prick the conscience of Europe's large institutions until they cease to treat human beings as cogs in a machine' twitter#praycelticdaily

Fifteen days of steroids treatment has reduced pains and increased mobility enough to allow me to fly to Rome on Friday. I prepare colloquies on 'Saint Hilda of Whitby - a Way Forward for the Anglican Communion?'.

What is my message to the world-wide Anglican/Episcopal family and to the other branches of the Body of Christ it dialogues with, especially the Vatican? Here are four points for starters:

1. Hilda was stuck in a church framework not of her choosing but she bloomed where she was planted and released the song in the heart of the non-churchy poor.

2. Hilda treated everyone with respect and with the love of a wise and merciful mother whatever side of a divisive issue they took.

3. Although she was part of the Establishment of a colonial power, she had the humility to learn from a foreign pilgrim for the love of God.

4. Hilda turned the church into a village of God - a spiritual home for all.

That can be our agenda. If it does, it will change the European Union too.

Posted at 03:03am on 25th November 2014
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