Royal Award For Outstanding Service


I learned today that Bruce Challoner's heroic efforts to re-format and paste  350 daily emails one by one on to mail chimp for the four year course on The Way have been completed. This alternate  weeks course explores in depth the Community of Aidan and Hilda Way of Life, ethos and network structures, sources of inspiration (including Celtic saints and desert fathers and mothers), ways of praying, questions and feed-back from learners and 'endless adventure'.

This is a major achievment, completed in Australia despite: a) family illness b) wild fires c) his appointment as co-guardian d) long tours to meet members e) corona pandemic f) his decision to write a book about the desert fathers and mothers. 


 I emailed Bruce: 'As a possible bastard descendant of Edward 7 I unilaterally create a King’s Award for Outstanding Service. Due to Covid-19 this will not be awarded at Buckingham Palace, but at a much more prestigious place named Heavenly Courts. The prize will be transformed lives, and eternal gratitude. And a little something more if we can meet again.'


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Posted at 11:56am on 29th May 2020
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