Sages And Soul Friends

 This week I received two messages I share with you.


'I am exploring the understanding  of ‘a company of sages’ which you mentioned to me in our early days in Cape Town, talking to several friends about its meaning, and the role sages play in society – wisdom figures I suppose, living a life of greater solitude with the Lord, but available to those the Lord sends. The idea has really sparked interest. If you have the time perhaps you could give me your definition or thoughts or send me any material you have written about sages and their companies.'

Soul friends

'We were visiting Holy Island as I had always felt so drawn to go there. I had read your book on Soul Friendship when it first came out and loved it. It has such a special quality about it. When we were packing, I decided there could not be a better time to re-read it and so I took it with me. 
I do thank you for your wonderful work and, in particular, I thank you for your book on Soul Friendship. As I read it, I was obviously thinking so much of St Cuthbert and St Aidan, but I was also reflecting with deep gratitude on the soul friends I have and the way in which those soul friendships have sustained and supported me through the years - as I hope I have them.'

Posted at 14:38pm on 27th July 2018
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