Saint Hilda Of Whitby - New Book Launched

Hilda of Whitby: a Spirituality for Now published by BRF March 2014

Help share my joy – the publication of the first non-fiction book on Hilda, arguably the greatest first millennium woman in the English-speaking world and an ikon for our times.

Penny Warren, Members’ Guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda writes of it: ‘There have been times and places where the wise woman or wise man was central to the community. These people were not pandered celebrities, but those open to the depths of God, and a way of love. Hilda was such a woman. 'Hilda of Whitby' reveals Hilda's secret as well as her history and perhaps may challenge us to seek new styles of leadership for today’.

The Archbishop of York writes a foreword. He thinks that factions in today’s divided church could learn from Hilda and he baptises new Christians on the spot where Hilda was baptised.

I unfold the story of Hilda’s work at Hartlepool and Whitby and draw key lessons for Christians today.

Each chapter explores nine facets of Hilda’s life and how her spirituality can transform us:

1. Spirituality in a hard place – How God can use visions and dreams to speak to anyone who seeks to do what is right.

2. Spirituality of exile – the unfamiliar need not be feared but can be embraced as an opportunity to learn from new faces and so to broaden and deepen life.

3. A spirituality of human warmth –she meets Aidan’s gentle Irish approach and inspires people through relationship.

4. Wholeness – training apprentices and nurturing vocations by helping people re-connect with God in the soil and the streets, the scriptures and the Spirit, the soul friends and the silence.

5. Unity in diversity – seeking unity from a position of love even at stage-managed church synod.

6. Awakening the song in every heart (Caedmon) – releasing the divine creativity within each of us.

7. Struggle, praise and holy dying –visualising sufferings as birth pains, bringing Christ to birth as a seed that is buried gives birth to new shoots. 8. Wisdom and the role of women – the importance to community of spiritual mothering.

9. Fruits, vampires and victory.... vampire fans discover a divine blood transfusion pouring out of Hilda’s legacy.

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Posted at 02:48am on 20th March 2014
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