Schools Curriculum Row Over Indigenous Peoples

Media carried news of a row about UK schools curriculum content.  It is claimed that people who promote the British Empire as a Good Thing rather than appraise good and bad elements have allowed the teaching syllabus to trash indigenous peoples.
Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream: Indigenous, Post-Colonial, and Celtic Theology by Ray Simpson  or from Blackwells, Waterstones or Amazon.  £11.00 tells of a reviving myth
 in USA, validated by recent research, that Saint Brendan voyaged some 4,000 miles from Ireland to America to evangelise it and create a new Eden, but when the Indians of Mississippi welcomed them he realized Jesus was already present and sailed all the way back! In contrast, USA missions have taken a colonial approach to mission.


This book explores the Creator’s imprints in indigenous tribes, identifies fault-lines in USA and western society (white supremacy, manifest destiny, empire-building and separation) but also some Creator’s imprints. It reflects on the indigenous approach of Euro-Americans’ own ‘indigenous’ Celtic forebears, and sets out ways in which, in these fading days of Western supremacy, new monastic followers of The Way may undertake new Brendan voyages and create a new American dream.


‘In the belly of the Latin beast a Celtic prophet has spoken! Lord, help us listen. As I read Brendan’s Return Voyage, embarrassment swept through my soul, yet I was continuously born again with hope. In this beautiful and devastatingly liberating book Ray Simpson will teach you…’ C Baxter Kruger, author of Patmos and The Shack Re-visited.


‘This moved me so much I cried’ and bought six copies to give to friends.' UK reader. 

Buy it. Review it. Use it in curriculum teaching.



Posted at 09:35am on 25th October 2021
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