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* Dr. Gavin Hitchcock called. I will conduct the wedding of his daughter in York (see next week). Gavin lives in South Africa and had attended the Conference on Religion and Science at Durham, where they discussed a 'multi-verse universe'. We talked about Richard Dawkins. We used to criticise theologians who put their discipline in a mental box. Now it is the new atheists who put science in a box - they seem unable or unwilling to transcend narrow, blinkered categories.

** I pick up Bruce Challenor who has come from Australia to meet with Judith Lines and I to talk through good foundations for the Igniting the Flame and other study courses Down Under. Judith also does work in the library and my garden, bless her cotton socks.

*** Judy and Jim Shelly have led a USA group on a Healing Week here. They come to lunch. Judy has authored a book entitled 'Healing Generational Wounds' with Douglas W Schoeninger. You can get it from Amazon. I have.

**** Our Welsh group in Anglesey/Ynys Mon plan a retreat beside the seaside at beautiful Llandonna in November. Not to be missed. Book with 01248 811 793 O7749 619 683 or

Jamie has returned to the island for a stay. It is so good to see him again after his mother's death.

Posted at 02:35am on 9th September 2015
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