The Simpsons In Ireland

My brother Tony has supported the establishment of the Irish Republic's new Christian radio station, and his son Peter is a director. The station has now been on air 24/7 for more than a year.Tony has so far recorded 168 'seed thought' talks of up to 90 minutes on his mini-disc recorder. These are then fed in between music and other features.

People from many lands have come to Ireland in recent years.Tony's wife, Anita, has completed a literacy course for Chinese people who want to learn English, based on the Bible. She has been told that some Chinese authorities welcome moral values and concepts and her courses are also used in China. At present, though, she is teaching a young man from Somalia who as a boy was tortured by having his hands and feet burned, and who could not therefore read even in his own language. The official English-language-speaking classes rely on people being able to read in their own languange. The reading classes rely on them being able to understand what the teacher says in English. So he slipped through the net. Now, with Anita's help, he is making progress, and he is grateful to her and to the marvellous Irish doctors.

Posted at 07:56am on 16th March 2009
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