Six Weeks Serving Diocesan Spirituality: Thankyous And Thoughts

Jesus took six weeks in Palestine to become better equipped for his mission and angels ministered to him. I took six weeks in Cyprus to hep us all be better equipped Christians and angels of flesh and blood ministered to me.


A thousand thank yous to these wonderful and most generous car drivers, accommodation providers and meal hosts in every part of Cyprus: Elsie, Mike and Jan, Geoff and Deb, Steve and Lesley, Derek and Sue, Terry and Edna, Linda and Gordon, Catherine and Ray, Andrew and Rosemary, Anthony, the monks of Macheros Monastery, Maggie and John, Gordon, Justin, Gabriel and Anne-Maria, Nigel and Jeanne, Jeremy, Margaret, John and Gillian, Mike and Janet, Colin and Ingrid, Christine, Anne and Stan, Bob and Jane, Harry, Sarah and Paul. Also to the chaplains (and Barnabas Team members) who, to a greater or lesser extent, facilitated a programme in each of Cyprus’ six parishes– and to Paul Maybury for putting such thought into the Spirituality Programme in each of he six parishes of Cyprus, especially its start and finish.


First, I am conscious that this served only the Cyprus part of the Diocese. Second, that the development and deepening of spiritual formation is a long journey. The introduction in recent years of spiritual directors and personal retreats is much valued by a few, and could become valued by many more. Winston Churchill once said ‘Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job’. If Clergy and Readers can become familiar with tools such as lectio divina, mindfulness, meditation, ways of praying for different personality types, regular spiritual disciplines and can teach people in the parishes to use these, there could be a fruitful season ahead.

A few people have been in touch with me who want to continue the journey and I have sent them a reading list or details of a study course on a Way of Life etc. Others are enquiring how they can purchase my or other books. They are mostly available on Amazon and as Kindle. A resource catalogue is available on my web site Wouldn't it be good if a Christian resource and book shop was available (if it is not already) both in Cyprus and the Gulf?

I return to a colder climate, an eye operation, and a challenging discernment process. Pray for me and I will pray that God will bless your journey. Ray Simpson, The Community of Aidan and Hilda.

Posted at 22:06pm on 27th March 2016
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