The Trinity season started last Sunday.  Muslims can worship God as a Communion of Loves. What the Prophet Mohammed rejected was idolatry - the false brainwashed Christians he knew of seemed to worship three gods..

Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter only because the core of every one of us reflects the Divine Nature - unity in diversity.

Calvin  Miller speaks of Trinitarian praying as ‘The Art of Loving All of God’. The Trinity becomes a loving company, ever present to converse with throughout the day.

The Trinity in creation seeks to bring creation into the Trinity… through the transforming power of the Spirit and through the liberating action of the Son , the universe will ultimately arrive at the Father. Leonardo Boff,


God who is One, you create us in diversity. God who is Three you draw us into unity. God who is Love, you weld us into communion. Amen. So be it.
Posted at 08:17am on 12th June 2020
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