Songs Of The Way

I have sent a prayer tweet most days for the last  twelve years. A recent post got more 'likes' than any other. Here it is: 

Ray Simpson


May our political leaders be quiet in spirit, clear in judgement, and mindful of the needy. May they unite the families of nations torn apart by the ravages of sin under your just and gentle rule.


I trained to Edinburgh for the first time since the pandemic. I joined Aidan and Hilda members who led Midday Prayer at the Episcopal Cathedral, in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival. Two British citizens, one a Syrian and one an Iraqi refugee, led art  and spirit workshops. Perhaps triggered by an article I read about capturing 'the inner Marilyn Monroe' or 'the inner Mohammed Ali'  I tried to crayon a portrait of my inner being. I walked back through Princes Street Gardens, down the street performances along the Royal Mile, and into my beloved Holyrood Park.

On the train I recalled John Wesley's words 'I care not who makes the laws of a nation so long as God has its songs'.  It flashed upon me to issue a challenge to all Followers of our Way of Life: write a song about one of its Life-giving Principles or Ten Waymarks.  I toyed with a few third rate drafts such as:

Take out the clutter and you'll do well

Let out your soul's song and ring the planet's bell



Join the journey, don't stop now

Walk towards the light and keep in the flow

Ditch all the crap and the bloody-minded noise

Walk in the rhythms of mercy and of poise.


O.K., I know you can do better. Send me your attempts. Get the world singing! Yours might be in next year's Edinburgh Festival!

Posted at 19:38pm on 10th August 2022
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