Space Age Ice Pilgrims

Parts of Britain are 15 degrees colder than Iceland. Four pilgrims managed to reach the warmth of The Open Gate for our retreat on 'Make Space for Something to Happen'. Something happened for each of us. Elsa had a night in an airport, was diverted to London before arriving at Edinburgh, and still has no luggage. Today we went in convoy behind Jonathan in case he got stuck in the ice at the causeway, before reaching the A1 for his return journey. On our return to The Open Gate Graham's battery expired, but we lurched back without lights. Then his wife Ruth rang: could he help dig her car out the other side of the causeway. He dug my car out and drove it to gallantly rescue her.

IIn our last retreat session each person described how this retreat had been a unique, and life-changing space - in part because God used the the ice and snow. One leaves to explore. Another leaves to do something beautiful. A third has embraced 'considerateness' and is a transformed person. Another will make more space before returning.

In a Jewish mystical tradition God made space by getting out of the way so that creation could come into being. I am making space for others to lead our Community. By making space, new worlds can come into being. So we have become 'space age pilgrims', and recommend this to everyone.

Posted at 10:01am on 3rd December 2010
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