Spain's Muslim-christian Buildings

My sister Sally and I took a package holiday to CLASSICAL SPAIN. We delighted in the cathedral at Cordoba, which is set in the middle of the vast, spiritual columns of the mosque that preceded it. We delighted in the glories of Ronda, Seville, and the Alhambra at Granada. For over five hundred years Christians and Muslims, more often than not, worked side by side in mutual tolerance.

On Sunday, our last day, we heard that the popular church of the locals, Saint Augustinias, had an 8.0 pm service. This large, ornate, art-filled building was packed to overflowing. Its many side chapels were full and people stood in the aisles. A student filmed procedings. Women and children led prayers and singing. A choir lifted the rafters. The priests were mostly young. There was no sense of decline here.

Posted at 02:56am on 23rd September 2009
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