Spanish Omelette

My blog this week is like a Spanish omelette with three ingredients

1) I am on a convalescent package holiday at Fuerte Ventura on the Spanish Canary Islands. I laze by the sun-warmed pool, write sessions for the life-long course on a way of life, take one trip (to the wild life safari) and attend the only advertised English- speaking church service - in a hotel room. There we were informed that over two thousand mainly young Spaniards on this small island have joined the evangelical church – some of them have asked Jesus to cure them of drug addiction.

2) After the evening meal I turn on the TV. There are four English- speaking channels out of over fifty, one on horse riding and the others are news channels. One is run by Russia, with the policy ‘divide and rule, so it features the crimes and double standards of the western world. The second is run by China, and provides excellent news of Africa, the dividend no doubt being increased trade. The third is a sub-standard and repetitive news service provided by Sky international which is in hoc to its business investors. There is no balanced, non-judgemental news service which draws out the stories as they really are. There is no CNN or BBC, which may nowadays have fallen prey to fashionable prejudice, but at least is not controlled by special interests. This is a plea to UK members of Parliament: invest in the BBC as a world broadcaster. And to everyone – let us fight for news channels we can trust.

3) I am writing on the section of this course for all nations called 'Learning from Inspired People'. Should these people only include Christians? Moses listened to his father-in-law Jethro, a priest of a foreign religion, and did all that he had advised (Exodus 18) . As a result he chose able men out of all Israel and made them heads over the people, leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. So I want to find out a list of inspired people from China - indeed from any African, American, Asian, and First Nation peoples as well as from Europe. Please send me suggestions.

Now I must have my breakfast omelette.

Posted at 23:36pm on 6th March 2017
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