Summer Festival In Denmark

I am at Areopagos' 2017 Summer School at Haslev, Denmark. Its theme is The Art of Balance. Denmark's Pilgrim Pastor, Elizabeth Knox-Seith interviews me for the Talk Show, and I give the final address on the theme Holistic Christianity: Healing the Split in Western Christendom. You can download the text on

There are concerts and art exhibitions and Chinese insights. Tomas Sjodin, the Swedish Pentecostal pastor who teaches on contemplative prayer, speaks on the theme 'There Are So Many Things We Don't Have to Do'. Oyvind Borgso, the leader of The Community of Aidan and Hilda in Denmark, leads sessions on Body Prayer and Listening to God.

There will be an extra event separate from the main Summer School - Oyvind and I will receive the vows of Kitty in a service we call The Voyage of the Coracle. Kitty's soul friend, Betty, will come from UK for this.

Oyvind works part-time for Areopagus. He has now launched his web ministry, to which people can subscribe, which includes YouTube films of myself and (I believe) Penny Warren). Oyvind has commended his students to visit YouTube talks on our Way of Life which I made some years ago and which are free. You can get these on

I like Danish food. but I like the attitudes of these Danes even more. They believe that each person has their place. By being yourself you allow others to be themselves. You don't take up the space that belongs to them.

So I won';t take up any more space. Goodbye.

Posted at 01:24am on 27th June 2017
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