Teething Problems

The Pilgrimage for Life on-line course is going strong but has hit a reef or two.

1) A confusion for many:

Not everyone digested the information that every second week we pause in order to engage in the spiritual formation exercises. So now this notice appears weekly: 'You have one week to engage in the spiritual formation exercises which complete this week's 7 emails before they start again in one week's time'.

2) A confusion for a few:

If you do not open your email (for example, because you are sick, on holiday or need a break) your next email will not be sent until you do open it. This prevents overload.

3) A technical glitch for a few:

Because the majority of all emails now consist of spam, and we use the automated Mailchimp system, a percentage of students have their emails sent to spam. Some can retrieve these just by checking their spam and moving them back into the inbox. To stop this from happening, you need to add our email address as a safe sender. The address is: administration@waymarksoflife.com (Other details you may add, depending on your address book software are: Full Name: Bruce Challoner Company: Way Marks of Life File As: Bruce Challoner Email: administration@waymarksoflife.com Display As: Bruce Challoner Address:Way Marks Of Life 142 McClelland Ave Lara, Vic 3212Australia)

4) If you still do not receive the next email in the series, be sure to accept any prompts to allow content and external images - an option usually located in your inbox above the email text. (eg This message contains blocked images Show images Change this setting). You need to see the mailchimp logo at the bottom of the page.

5) It is important that; to receive the next email in your inbox you do not move or delete your last 'The Way' email. The system confirms that you (a) receive the email, (b) open the email (c) close the email (d) confirms from that last email that the appropriate time has lapsed to receive the next email, but only if it discovers it is still there. You can move or delete older 'The Way' emails but not the last one you received.

6) If there are still unsolved problems visit the course web site www.waymarksoflife.com Opposite HOME click on EMAILS. This sets out the steps you need to take.

7. Bruce Challoner is now offering help to individuals whose emails from 'The Way' have stopped or never got past Lesson 1 or 2. He can be contacted at administration@waymarksoflife.com. Let him know where the emails have stopped and your email software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc). He will work with you to get them arriving in your inbox again.

To repeat: From now on students should add administration@waymarksoflife.com to their mailing list before registering (See 3 above). This will solve the majority of problems.

In conclusion: In this Pilgrimage for Life we overcome obstacles. As we enter the season of the Angels (Michaelmas) the forces of light outnumber the forces of dark and are with us as we journey on. Shalom.


Posted at 03:52am on 26th September 2017
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