The Archbishop, The Mystics And The Archetypes

Carol returned from a visit to Southwark Cathedral and Betty arrived from a visit to Norwich Cathedral. In both places  the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby had dished out candles to the public and asked them to pray. Carol told him The Community of Aidan and Hilda is praying for him.

Betty and others came for a retreat, led by our Explorers Guide David Cole, on  ways of meditating. His first book has just been published entitled The Mystic Way

Oyvind came to stay from Scandinavia. This martial artist lived in a Syrian cave and met Jesus. He teaches body prayer exercises. He, too, has written his first book. I am working with him to help make the English version one hundred per cent. We will co-lead a retreat in Lia, Norway, 31 October - 3 November.

What is the link?  I also do body prayer exercises on the Four Archetypes of Warrior, Magus, Lover and King/Queen - they help to bring to their fullest good these  archetypes implanted in us all by God. In my new book The Lindisfarne Gospels I invite readers not only to meditate on the text of the Gospels (Lectio Divina - Godly reflection) but also to look at the portraits of the Four Gospel writers that were painted in the Lindisfarne Scriptorium in the 8th century by a God-filled scribe. Each of the four Evangelists reflects one of the archetypes more strongly than the others, for me at least. So we do Godly Reflection with pictures as well as with words.

Oyvind and I  will co-lead a retreat at Lia, Norway 31 October -3 November. Some conservative Bible Christians think that what David, Oyvind and I are doing is of the devil, since we empty our minds and the devil might  step into the space. The truth is we empty our minds of junk so that we might become more aware of Jesus. David's book reveals that this way is biblical from beginning to end.

Posted at 02:59am on 23rd March 2013
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