The Ascension


Today is Ascension Day. Three quarters of the world’s population (Christians and Muslims) believe that on this day Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, watched by close friends.


This was a greater Detonator than a third world war. Jesus of Nazareth could only be known by a few locals. We waste our time trying to locate him in one place or one time. Angels told the three onlookers it was a waste of their time looking to heaven. There’s no point in being so heavenly minded that we are no earthly use.


The Ascension is the infinite magnifcation of Christ. Jesus’ ascension means that he is now King of the Cosmos.


Now we can be filled with Royal glory, authority, gifts, commissions, enoblements, harmonisations, The King even shares thrones with us.  Our relationship with all subjects changes.


Yet if all the world is a stage, the Ascension is shunted into the wings in church calendars. Bring it centre stage. Jesus is not past. Jesus is not ‘in heaven’. He has written himself into the centre stage, not of earth, nor of heaven, but of the entire spirit-earth cosmic realm.


At the launch of my autobiography last week someone asked if pagans and pantheists can follow The Way. I replied that the key question for those who believe in cosmic consciousness is ‘Is it impersonal or personal? Can you have a relationship with it?’ 


In the Ascension the Christ took a human heart into the heart of the Ultimate Divine. The cosmos is ruled by a Royal Presence. Past, present and future are orchestrated by Him. We are to treat every person on earth (including Palestinians and Jews) as royal souls and royal cousins. Now everyone is a royal soul.


Last week a TV show on the cousins of Queen Elizabeth was broadcast.  Ancestry research suggests that a quarter of the population is related to her predecesor Ethelred the Great. Every single one of us is related to the King of Kings. We are all royals. We don’t just get a letter from the Sovereign on our hundredth birthday, we get constant glimpses of glory, intimations of Divine Unfoldings, transformations of ugly scars into beautiful relationships.


Now we see the glory in the ordinary.  

Posted at 08:28am on 13th May 2021
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