The College: Toronto

i had to leave Farne Retreat and its Cabin for Toronto and its College. Before I did so I  swam in the pond. Frogs croaked. Dana arrived. He expores the Way of Life. What can simplicity and purity mean for his fellows in the world of finance? He drives me to Down Town Toronto. Street people come to worship at The Sanctuary, led by a rock band. Pastor Greg Paul leaves his keyboard to give me his book  The Twenty-Piece Shuffle. In the pub I sit next to Michael. He paints, and digs graves in a Jewish cemetery. 'When they lower the body I think "What a waste", ' he tells me, 'that they did not let their light shine and tell their story to their children before they left them'. I determine that I will write a memoir.

I arrive at Tyndale University College and Seminary - the largest seminary in Canada, which bursts with multi-ethnic life and boasts students from 46 Christian denominations. My Celtic Spirituality Summer School students arrive.  They are a wonderful bunch of people, some driving for two hours and arriving one hour early to read a set book before the first lecture. I give sixteen 45 minute recorded lectures. The IT department do me proud. Power points and inter-actions and exercises go well. The MP3's will, God willing, become CD's etc for sale. What a privilege. I lead weekly worship in chapel for all staff and faculty.  North American Indians arrive. One helps me solve a lap-top problem. Each evening I experience a  meal invitation with quality conversation: David Sherbino, The Bramers, Misa the bookstore manager cooks a Japanese meal, Dahlia the kindly secretary takes me to a mediterranean restaurant, my old friend Sammy Horner and his wife Kylie take me to a Vietnamese restaurant. and tell me about their coming gigs.

Another week begins. New places, new people...  And a day off.


Posted at 17:55pm on 5th June 2013
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