The Common Good

As regards UK, not in our history have we had the death of such an unselfish monarch as the late Queen Elizabeth. Not since World War 2 have we had such a war in Europe. Not in a century have we had government economics set to make the richest 1% richer and the rest poorer. All countries need local and national governments who get free from the prison of false constructs and grasp what it takes to build a good civilisation and a flourishing earth.

What has Christianity to say?  True, it has at times fallen prey to colonial power structures, but its essence is that the common good must triumph over the false gods of greed and vain glory.  The Common Good ideal started with Moses’ Ten Commandments and the Jubilee Laws – honesty and accountability in each citizen, business and law court, rest and renewal for creation, justice and care for  neighbour.. It has been revived in post-WW2 countries with a Christian background.

Both each citizen and the state have an essential role to play in The Common Good. The state must  provide education, health care, housing and essential services for all.  But the Common Good cannot be achieved by governments alone, it requires each citizen to be honest, use their talents, work responsibly, respect others and love their neighbour.

For many, the gods of money, sex, power and pleasure are everything. That is why we need to put God first, live by the Ten Commandments and follow  the ways of Jesus. We either serve God or condemn ourselves to the slavery of human selfishness.

Last week I was sent a First Nations Version of the New Testament. They call Jesus ‘The Creator who sets us free’. They call The Gospel ‘The Good Road’. However much we are tested this winter, let us, new monastic Followers of the Way and First Nations friends, walk 'The Good Road’ together.


Ray Simpson


Posted at 12:57pm on 2nd October 2022
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