The Hero's Journey

I watched a beautiful You Tube film about Joseph Campbell, the wise student of myths and archetypes, on the Stages of the Hero’s Journey. Gabrielle Ayerst writes: ‘This is a beautiful film/documentary about the meaning and philosophy of Joseph Campbell, which reflects in mythology, film and in our own lives, past and present, a universal invitation with the possibility and potential we can realise in finding 'our true bliss' ,in contrast possibly to what others have imposed on us or expect us to be, instead of being true to ourselves..  It reminds me of St Francis' words at the end of his life: I have done what is mine to do, now do what is yours. Well worth watching. 

 You can find it on

One of the script writers of the TV soap Holby City advised me to study The Hero’s Journey’ before I wrote my historical novel, now published as ‘Aidan of Lindisfarne: Irish Flame warms a new world’ (Wipf and Stock). Aidan goes through the twelve stages of the Hero's Journey, including crisis, breakthrough and integration.

The Hero's Journey teaches us to do what we cannot not do, to follow the unique bliss, or God-given entelechy planted in our soul, and not to  abdicate this to any ideology, organisation, church or brand. It is not what happens to us which defines us, it is what we do with what happens to us. We learn to keep dying to our false self and thus to keep being born again in an endless adventure.


Bowthorpe, the holistically designed community on the outskirts of Norwich, with one church for all Christians,  is attracting a new flurry of interest. People want to read my out-of-print  survey of its ancient origins, and  it its eco-friendly re-launch as three linked urban villages from the 1980’s. It is now out of print but you can buy a pdf for five pounds (the profit goes to The Community of Aidan and Hilda) from

Posted at 09:18am on 23rd October 2020
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