The Return Of The Angelus, The Church Pub And My Baggage


I forget to tell you a few contemporary things about my trip to St. Kyneburgha's at Castor. 
1)      Today, when Muslims publicly call the populace to prayer, and Irish TV stops daily for one minute of silent prayer as the Angelus bell rings, twice a day, before morning and evening prayer, Saint Kyneburgha’s angelus bell sounds across the streets.
 2)  New monastics encourage pub or café churches. Saint Kynbeburgha’s is licensed as a pub, and the Rector is the Landlord. ‘The kingdom of God is a party’.
3) Recently thirty pilgrims from Northumberland  made  pilgrimage there. Locals, some not churchgoers, hosted and fed them with generous hospitality.
4) I walked off the train with the wrong bag. I discovered this just as local worthies arrived for an evening meal. Some had previous military experience. They set to work with great delight and expertise. They searched facebook. They discovered the name, ethnic origin, occupation etc etc of the at first nameless owner. They phoned her mobile. She had taken my case to the left luggage at London King’s Cross. I agreed to get a very early train to King’s Cross, return her case, collect mine, send my daily prayer tweet from St. Pancras station, and return to continue the week-end. That's the Olympic spirit.
The return: of angelus, church pub, pilgrimage and community!
Posted at 23:24pm on 9th November 2012
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