The Things They Say

I have received a wonderful array of welcome cards as well as emails to my new house at Berwick Upon Tweed which I hope will explore Border Spirituality. They include these quotes: ‘CA&H is no longer an infant but a teenager who is flexing its muscles and looking for new ways to be. So be encouraged! Look for Christ in the dawning of each new day…’

‘When we’re travelling south perhaps you can join us for breakfast at Morrison’s’.

‘Enjoy and celebrate Heaven!’

‘Looking forward to sampling your guest room’.

'I remain very drawn to the thick but largely hidden seam of Celtic tradition on which your writing and practice have opened such a beautiful window.

Colin Dougal our much treasured joiner and roofer at The Open Gate, has been a boon assembling cabinets, blinds, curtain rails, hooks, and above all shelves that make possible a fit-for-purpose office and prayer room. Judith has again helped with curtains. Brenda uses the guest room as her office when she visits. On Friday the trustees come to dedicate the house. Neighbours Derek and Jane run Wallace Green Hall B&B and would welcome guests whom I can’t accommodate. On Saturday I met new friends at a local church’s Advent Supper.

Now that over 19,000 unwanted emails have been deleted I hope to get on top of emails. If you have not received a reply – email me once more!

Posted at 05:37am on 29th November 2016
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