This Week

This week I have:

* Sent an article to be published with  Sammy and Kylie Horner's summer launch of Worship Like a Celt

* Finished my first Sunday morning sermon to be preached ar Holy Trinity Church, Berwick about the Spirit coming upon non-Jewish tribes in the first century, and the Creator's imprints being revealed in US native tribes in this century - and the implications for people like you and me

* Hosted David Baker, who pioneers Dundee's emerging daily Prayer Space network, for a 36 hour guided retreat

* Lunched with Judith, Kayleah, Jutta and Robert at Holy Island's Open Gate to plan a rota for people who will lead midday and night prayer in the prayer room and how to improve the service offered to visitors by our Celtic Christian Library

* Met up (speaking post-operatively) with our old friend Jamie Cossar in Edinburgh

* Sent 'praycelticdaily' daily  tweets that quote prayers of North American Indian chiefs

* Become almost bankrupt as I spent money on making my little patio a haven for bees, birds and me

* Wonder how I should live if this was my last day on earth.

What's next?  Watch this space.

Posted at 09:28am on 4th May 2018
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