Three Brilliant Launches

The first launch was The On-line Pilgrimage for Life. Preparing the daily emails for this has been my bread and butter and my passion for nearly two years. It would not have been possible without a great team. Australia's Bruce Challener has devoted enormous energy into setting up the new web site for this. Denmark's Oyvind Borgso has painstakingly transferred each day's email onto mailchimp. My PA Brenda Grace has been proof-reader and formatter in chief. Last week I informed over a thousand people by email of this new opportunity, and people are signing up fast. When university terms start we hope to contact many more.

Why is this so important? Here is a way for the world that is more compelling and more effective than the way that so many kill for - they need to know about it, as do confused millions. Please help us. Log on to, enrol, and and email, facebook or tweet details to your contacts.

The second launch was the Book of Bowthorpe. This quality new volume incorporates the first book I wrote, Bowthorpe - a community's beginnings, and so much more. Visit to find out more. A nuclear bomb might obliterate the thirty six books I wrote after that first volume - but that alone will survive. It is buried in a nuclear-proof capsule, along with other documents, deep beneath Bowthorpe!

The third launch is different. I had a phone call from someone who has too many problems to be able to work. When people suffer chronic depression it is easy to give up on life. But with a note of triumph in his voice, he told me that he had launched a new ritual. At 10.0 pm most nights he lights a candle and celebrates all that's good in life. The Joy of Now!

Posted at 08:38am on 8th September 2017
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