Three Invitations

This week you have three invitations:

1.You are invited to a book launch on zoom. To book please click:

Then click 'register'.

2. You are invited to buy a charity wood product.

During Covid, many of iBowthrope Community Trust's  placements of people with learning difficulties have been unable to work, and sales of products have plummeted.  In addition to being the main supplier of Godly Play items for the UK and beyond, our St. Michaels Woodcraft Workshop also makes Holding Crosses. The Chair of Trustees, Rev Mark Elvin, and I ask us to pray for it and suggest that you  might purchase a Holding Cross.Mark Elvin writes:  “ It would be wonderful if members of the Community of Aidan and Hilda were encouraged to buy holding crosses. These could be used for times of prayer with those who are dying, but also used as a mission gift to those seeking to know the Lord or those not seeking but open to him.”

 The link for this is here

 They make lots of other things too.  Have a browse:   

3. Friends outside UK are now invited and able to buy Monk in the Market Place: and the Simpsons

My autobiography

by Ray Simpson


Details of foreign bank payments had a slight error which meant payments were blocked.  No longer.   


It makes for a fascinating, intriguing and satisfying read’ DLT senior editor David Moloney.


‘This is the first book I have been able to read for 24 years’ A Norwich busker.


I am deeply moved by the story of one whose "heart is set on pilgrimage" - both in covering extensive geography of the world, and the intensive geography of the soul. I am inspired by the wide- ranging experiences you recount, the courage and faithfulness in those many encounters, the unrelenting fountain of thought in your writings, and the profound reflections of living in the borderlands of heaven … I have only now grasped the depths of that desire and its implications for our civilisation’. A church leader


Chapters include: From a war-time womb, Three Ground-breaking Assignments, Bowthorpe – a divine accident, Off-shoots of a village of God, the Birthings of The Community of Aidan and Hilda, Lindisfarne – a Holy Island? Life as an author, Countries, Pilgrimage, The Simpsons  and Borderlands.



To receive a signed copy with £1 off the price post free email <>

The bank details you will be sent are  a personal not a business account. If your bank requires confirmation of payee, they may refuse this but you can override the refusal usually by one click.


To send payment from outside UK provide this information to your bank: THE CO-OPERATIVE BANK PLC, CENTRAL CUSTOMER SERVICES, P.O. Box 48, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 1GP

SWIFT/BIC code CPBK GB22 IBAN GB59 CBPK 0893 0010 0232 39






Posted at 12:28pm on 19th April 2021
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