Three Unique House Guests

Guest No. 1: Simon and his new blind dog, named Hope. Hope is immature. She gets carried away by scents and other dogs, and forgets her master's needs. She did not get him to the church on time. Just like us.

Simon is a church leader who reflects with God while on a post-Easter break here. He asks 'How do we as Christians make a difference to our world? The church in society has lost its integrity. How do we recapture our integrity? Not by pretending we don't ever fall, but if we do, we don't cover it up, we ask Jesus to help us. We speak to the world loudest in the way we respond when things go wrong.'

Guest No. 2: James. He used to be a long haired metal band enthusiast. He is now a post university hospital nurse. He comes to seek discernment on some key choices that lie ahead. I tell him that before I die I want to live the bits of me that were unfulfilled, such as the desire to wrestle. He does Brazilian ju-jitsu, so he teaches me various holds on the carpet. My bad back recovered ten minutes before we began...

Guest No. 3: Mark pioneers apostolic networks in Europe and came for a 60 hour guided retreat. He wants not just to work for God, but to allow every part of his being to become fully alive, and to sustain life-giving roots, rhythms and relationships. We also explored the Aidan and Hilda DNA for church planters and churches.

Penny is leading a retreat at The Open Gate and I now begin a power nap.

Posted at 09:06am on 1st May 2014
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