Tomato Ketchup And All That

How about this for a grace before a meal?

Thank you for tomato ketchup (probably made in the Netherlands – God bless the Netherlands)

from tomatoes grown in Spain (God bless Spain)

pollinated by Turkish bumblebees (God bless Turkey)

manufactured in Slovakia (God bless Slovakia))

and consumed by us (God bless us).

Last Saturday over 2,000 pilgrims crowded the priory to celebrate the Lindisfarne Gospels. This Saturday 'Antiphon' arrive. These Hexham Abbey choristers will perform a work commissioned for the Gospels celebrations.

This week Kansas Wesleyans have been on a pilgrimage here which I have helped to facilitate. What a warm and wonderful group. We joined a group of USA Mennonites for one afternoon.

Today I learned that a friend in Norway is inviting prisoners to make a week's retreat in the prison. What spirit of respect lies behind this! Could it spread to many countries?

Now Simon dosses down after walking Cuthbert's Way. He met a walker making a film on pilgrimage. We meet him. Matthew is a Montreal New Testament lecturer. He interviews me. It's my day off, but hols begin on Monday. It's been a kind-a tomato ketchup week.

Posted at 02:21am on 20th July 2013
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