Training Christian Leaders

A retreat on Christian leadership has just ended. We started with some quotes from famous leaders such as 'So arrange everything that the strong have something to yearn for and the weak have nothing to run from'. We looked at seven principles from Winston Churchill's leadership, such as envision, anticipate, stir, bond. And eight principles from Nelson Mandela.

We covered usual ground such as goal setting, empowering and getting things done: Ditch, delegate, defer or do now! Then we went deeper. Starting with Mahatma Gandhi's maxim 'Be the change you want to see in the world around you' we examined our inner demons and drew lessons from the desert fathers. Once we are freed from the false ego's warping of leadership we can tune in to Jesus talking to Mack in the novel 'The Shack': Mack: I resist the thought of relinquishing or retiring from a job. Jesus: Why? Mack: I fear I will not be needed. I will be wasted, unnoticed. Jesus: With us, leadership arrangements work FOR each person concerned, so that they may give all they have to give, and won't be saddled with tasks they have outgrown, are not suited to or are too old for.'

SIMPLIFY ... PURIFY ... UNIFY - three principles from a Way of Life are invaluable tools of leadership. Then we explored how other aspects of a Rule or Way of Life can become life-giving leadership tools: life-long learning, developing discernment with a coach or soul friend, developing a daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm of prayer, work and re-creation.

To end with we took a look at emotional and spiritual intelligence, and prayed for one another. Shortly after arriving home a retreatant emailed 'I have already ditched, deferred and delegated some items found in my in box and may get round to doing a few things too... ' If you would like us to lead a leadership course or retreat in your area, let us know.

Posted at 06:03am on 13th November 2015
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