Trinitarian Dog Collar

I drove four hours south along England's east coast to Filey for a churches week-end on Celtic Spirituality. I rejoiced to be among a community so welcoming, positive and open to the Spirit. I enjoyed wonderful overnight hospitality in the guest house of The Sisters of Mercy House of Hospitality, Endsleigh Convent, Filey 01723 512058 most of whom were Irish and therefore hospitality oozed out of their bones.

I preached at the Anglican St. Oswald's Church on Trinity Sunday. The Vicar, Andrew Wallington and his wife Hazel are new Explorers with the Community of Aidan and Hilda. I realised too late that I had left my only clerical collar somewhere in Australia, so I cut out a strip of paper as a substitute, but it was crinkled. Quick as lightning, Andrew cut his collar in half and put one half in my shirt. "That's the Trinity" he said. "That's One in Two" I said, "it's only between you and me; we need One in Three". Then I thought of the crinkled paper collar, thrown away to decompose and become the humus of the earth. That's what God does. He gives herself away. That's why we need One in Three.

Upon my return Leonardo Boff's masterpiece "Holy Trinity: Perfect Community" arrived in the post. He writes of an immense desire today for a more participative and family-oriented society. This comes from our yearning to reflect the God whose nature is Communion. God is not a problem to be solved, but a Mystery to be embraced. Let us fall in love with the Trinity.

As if she heard me Judy then sent this newly composed prayer from Australia:

"The Father reaches out in Love,

Inviting us to dance.

The Son connects with us in Love,

Drawing us into the dance.

The Spirit enfolds us in Love,

Teaching us to dance.

So let us abandon ourselves

to the joy of the dance

with the Trinity of Love."

Come on, let's dance!

Posted at 01:26am on 5th June 2015
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