The True Self In Holy Week

Two days in Jesus' last week on earth: On one day Jesus experiences the fragrance of an act of generosity - a woman anoints his feet with precious oil. The day after, Jesus experiences the devastation of an act of betrayal - in return for money a close colleague betrays his whereabouts to those out to get him. In both situations Jesus' response is deeply intuitive. On the first day he soaks in the love. On the second day he does not block out his intuition in order to postpone pain.

Judas and Jesus model for us the two different levels of our being from which we may live. Judas lives from the Ego. His hopes of Jesus becoming the Top Man have toppled. He is disillusioned, angry, and assuages these feelings by devising his mercenary plan. Jesus lives from his True Self. Without blame or flight he gives Judas bread. He embraces the pain: 'Do what you are going to do quickly'. Then he says 'Now God is to be glorified in me.'

This is the glory of living and dying as True Self, as Gift. In Jesus' unique case he does this as part of the Trinity. In our case, we do this as those who are being drawn into the Divine through Christ.

Introduction to the Gospel reading at the morning Eucharist, St. Mary's, Holy Island.

Posted at 12:46pm on 7th April 2009
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