Try Praying

You learn something every time you sit next to a guest retreatant at supper. 'Have you heard of Try Praying?' he asked. Well, I had heard of praying and I had heard of trying - but what is Try Praying? 'It is a movement that interests non-religious people in making prayer an experiment. Churches in Hull offered the Try Praying booklet door to door to anyone who said they would like it. The majority asked for it. You can download it on line. Email: Phone: 0131 202 6449 Web:

It pushes a theology of Jesus as the debt-payer (useful in a recession but not quite a whole message about Jesus), and it does not tell you how to pray when your request for healing shows no obvious results. Nor did it help me to stop being sefl-centred in my praying. But there is lots of good stuff. Don't try it if you are a believer. But if you don't believe, why not make the experiment?

Posted at 02:34am on 21st October 2011
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