This week I joined the crowds in Edinburgh's Royal Mile,  I waved in thanks to the late Queen Elizabeth (Scotland's 1st) for her 70 years of gracious service as her hearse approached St. Giles Cathedral, and I clapped King Charles 3rd as he left the cathedral to return to the Holyrood (Holy Cross) Palace.

Republicans naturally want to abolish the outdated feudal system of monarchy. To replace it with what?  A person elected by half the population whose election campaign was in the power of a capitalist crook who funded it? A person whose views on everything expressed from their teens onwards  are re-cycled on social media in order to undermine, ridicule and undermine their authority?  A person who is partisan, and  strengthens neither continuity nor loving relationship with all of  the UK's and Commonwealth nations, cultural, racial, and political groups? A person who believes neither in God nor in the abiding moral values which sustain constitutional democracy and the Common Good?

Why not set out the criteria and values required of a Head of State and have an election every 25 years - to elect either the existing monarch or their heir, or a candidate nominated by a counsel of the wise drawn from Trades Unions, Universities, political parties, civic authorities, faith communities and charitable foundations?

Please pass this on to broadcasting and social media outlets.



The Queen made a life-long vows to serve her God and her people when she was in her teens. You, too, can, after careful reflection and testing, make a vow with the Community of Aidan and Hilda.

This week I stayed on Holy Island while Scott and Faith Brennan were on holiday and took turns leading Midday and Night Prayer in our Prayer Room.  On Thursday I received the First Vows of Arnt Sigurd who flew from Norway to makwe them on Holy Island. Northumberland  CAH Voyagers (in First Vows) Bryan and Anna Knox joined us.  Please pray for Arnt.



Please copy this and send to broadcasting aand social media outlets.


Posted at 17:33pm on 17th September 2022
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