Voyagers And The Desert

Last week representatives from Ireland, Germany and Norway joined UK Community of Aidan and Hilda Voyagers for our annual retreat, house-party and meeting. There was a Teaching Day, a Quiet Day and a Meeting Day.

David Runcorn led the Teaching Day on the theme of the desert. ?It took one year for ancient Israel to get out of Egypt?, he said, ?but it took forty years to get Egypt out of Israel? The desert is the primary scriptural symbol of the absence of human aid and comfort, and the priority of God. Those desert ?athletes of the Spirit? have much to teach us today. Tom Martin Berntsen, of Norway, informed us that a modern Desert Father, the Coptic Bishop Thomas, will meet with us next week when I join the Norway members of the community.

. On the Quiet Day Manfred Jahn of Germany led us into contemplation and deep silence; Stella Durand of Ireland gave a paper on Praying with Ikons. The Meeting Day included our Annual Meeting (like a Chapter of a traditional Order) in the morning, walking the moors of Sheffield in the afternoon and having a party in the evening. Our Episcopally endorsed Community Soul Friend, Godfrey Butland, led our final Communion service on Friday and reflected back to us what he felt God might be saying, which he summed up under the headings of stability, visibility, continuity. Following this the Caim Council, which aims to encircle all the expressions of the world-wide community, met for six hours.

Posted at 03:25am on 5th February 2008
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