Wait And See

No public engagements. No company in a strange house. No easy transport. No bounce. No easy answers.

Easter break. A gig with 90 people in a tree house. Six tell their hard story with searing honesty. A violinist plays between each and before final deep meditation. I meet a student who'd been at the Surrender gathering.

That night I have two significant dreams. Really significant. Something to work on for months or years ahead. Is that why I was brought to this place? I sleep facing a mandala Matt had painted and left there. Matt is deep into the Mystery of the Trinity. Could it be that God (excuse the inadequate language) not only gives us a way but IS a way? God is always grounding, giving, groaning ('creation groans with the cries of the Spirit' - apostle Paul). I think of our dispersed community as always walking with God - being, relating, energising possibility. Or, to be more trad - God Sourcing, Saving, Sustaining.

My student friend buys a book. Goes off to a Buck Week-end. Men wrestling in mud. He returns. He is part of a community network that recruits and equips students. He wants to talk. Life story. In depth.... the value of a soul friend... of a rhythm that sustains life and closeness to the Three-in-One.

I got to the sun-drenched beach in a taxi. I came back in a mighty thunder storm. Life is like that.

Posted at 15:38pm on 6th April 2015
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