Water From An Ancient Well

The UK Community's Annual Gathering at Windmill Farm Adventure Centre, Oxfordshire, was riveting. Ken McIntosh, author of "Water from an Ancient Well: Celtic Spirituality for Modern Life" came from USA to lead it. His session on how some Celtic Christians used Scripture invited us to look at it in different ways, such as metaphorical, literal and culturally incarnated. God's attempt to reveal the divine character and guidelines to stubborn, ego-centric believers, recorders and interpreters requires us to enter an on-going conversation with God through the eyes of the Defenceless Love of Jesus. His Green Martyrs session challenged us to get spiritually fit. His session on art inspired us to re-imagine the world with God.

A potter taught us to visualise ourselves as clay in the hands of the Divine potter. He taught us "Pottering Prayers" as he fashioned a beautiful vase out of raw clay. With humility Ken give me a print-out. Two of my Celtic books (re-titled by Anamchara Books) are in the Top Ten of US Amazon's Celtic category best sellers. With less humility I share this with you.

Back on the island Father Leonard of the Celtic Orthodox Church came to talk, and a couple came for spiritual direction. Carol Few and Paul Swinhoe led the Saints and Seabirds retreat. I heard about their nature experiences over the lovely evening meals. I told "our story" to twenty pilgrim walkers from St. Bride's Church Liverpool. This was down to four members but has been revolutionised. It describes itself as a Creative, Progressive and Inclusive Community. "We embrace mystery, poetry and hospitality as we explore the divine together" they say. They have things such as Sacred Silence, The Well, inspired by Celtic traditions, Open Table and Soul Friend Sharing Groups. A chaplain to prisoners with life sentences comes to talk. The Celtic prayer patterns speak to prisoners. Can his volunteers team link up with us?

On it goes. Life is not easy. This we pray: Let us live simply, laugh often and love deeply.

Posted at 02:31am on 19th June 2015
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