Where Is God In All This?

Ross Hamilton responds to my Christmas letter:'Thank you for your question "Where is God in all of this?" and your Christmas thoughts prompted by Handel's Messiah got me thinking.

 You envisage a time when the human race is experiencing the results of human-induced climate change. You paint a picture of a world unravelling, of suffering, misery and loss, of confusion, of human institutions powerless in the face of irreversible climate change. A new Dark Age.

 I'm sure that many people and especially the church around the world would welcome your insight and wisdom into these important questions:

Where is God in all of this?

 Why is this happening?

 Is there an element of punishment in climate change - or is climate catastrophe just the natural world's response to our mistreatment?

In these times and circumstances of climate catastrophe "how then should we live" as citizens of the world... as Christians...as the church?

 What unique things can Christians and the Christian church offer to the world in times of climate catastrophe?

What is the special gift of Celtic Christian theology to the Christian, to the church, to government institutions, to the wider world in times of climate catastrophe?

The early Celtic churches frequently operated in situations where they had the encouragement and support of the ruling authorities, usually monarchs. Indeed, Celtic church leaders were usually drawn from the ruling families. In a future age of climate catastrophe when the ruling powers are likely to be far less sympathic, even hostile, to the church, how should Celtic-influenced Christians react and respond to this opposition?

 You talk about how God will make himself known in these dark times of climate catastrophe. What signs should the church look for and pray for? More converts? For governments to see sense and set aside narrow political or nationalist interests for the greater good of the climate and the world? A reversal of climate change?'

 PLEASE POST YOUR ANSWERS AND THOUGHTS OR EMAIL TO ME AT <revd.ray.simpson@btinternet.com>


Posted at 19:43pm on 3rd January 2022
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